I’ve found it! The BEST mascara..I’ll tell you why you should trust my opinion!

Okay little ladies, I know this is going to ruffle some feathers but I am here today to claim that I’ve found THE best mascara.  Watch the video for my reasons why I love it and why you should too! I will preface the video by saying that I’ve tried many, many mascaras in my life. From expensive to cheap. Some have been pretty good and others have been duds. There was always something that left me wanting. Either it was too thin of a consistency, it smudged, it was too thick, it dried out too quickly, it had a weird wand,  it straightened my lashes or it just wasn’t dramatic enough of a change for me. You  name it. I told you I was picky.  I’ve used nearly every kind that Target sells and then some. From the video and before pic below, you’ll see that I don’t have a lot to work with in the eyelash department. Fortunately, I have found the one! It gives me long, thick, full lashes with one quick application and stays on fabulously. Don’t buy this on Amazon because many of the reviews on there claim to have received false products! Go in to Ulta to try it and then buy it! It won’t hurt trying! I’m so glad I did. I consider it a ‘pearl’ in my makeup bag and I hope you do too! Expand the video so you can get a close look at my lashes on a bigger screen.  ***I will say, if you already have long or curled lashes naturally, then maybe you won’t want to spend the money for this mascara. But for people like me with lacking lashes, it’s phenomenal. ***


My eyelashes with no mascara. Much to be desired. Meh. Straight and short.


After one application of the BEST mascara. Long, thick beautiful lashes! And I only curled them once with my eyelash curler. They stayed nice and curled.

3 thoughts on “I’ve found it! The BEST mascara..I’ll tell you why you should trust my opinion!

  1. Shalayne says:

    I love your videos!! And I need to try this!! My eyelashes are okay, but I’d always love them to be better! I’ll let you know what I think


  2. Cheryl says:

    You sold me! I totally want to try it. I don’t get to ulta much but next time I am I buying one. This blog is awesome Laurel! So cool that you start it. I will definitely be’s following.


  3. Emily says:

    You are such a natural at this and so collected on camera… I would be a wreck! I’ve tried this kind before and loved it too!! Reminds me, I’m out and should get some more! Keep the great advice comin’ (btw, just picked up some Oregon chai no caffine since you recommended it… Excited to try it!)


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