Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer–VIDEO REVIEW INCLUDED

(I try to keep my videos short and sweet for you so here’s a quick 3 minute break down for you and even see the blow dryer in action!)

YOU GUYS, this one of my favorite purchases EVER! I once believed all blow dryers were created equal but I have been proven wrong by the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush   My hair, unfortunately, is not the type of hair that air dries straight and smooth. After I blow dry it, it’s huge, tangled and wavy (not the good kind).  I always have to use my straightener to get it smooth and shiny.  I also struggle big time with flyaways.  With this blow dryer, you can brush and dry at the same time.   It dries it efficiently, slightly curls it (if you want it to), adds volume and best of all, it makes your hair smooth, shiny and straight.  No exaggeration! Because I have so much hair, I used to dread drying it but now I actually look forward to it. I can’t wait to see how awesome it does when my hair gets even longer.

Between the stellar Amazon, Target and Ulta reviews, I knew it was going to be a gem. For just under $50, you can have that feeling you get when you walk out of the salon every single time you dry your hair at home!

Things I love about it:

  • It’s big. I like this because the shape of the brush gives me big curl and not a tight curl at the ends.
  • The wire that swivels. I like that it has this feature because it allows you to use it as you please without the wire getting twisted or tangled.
  • The on/off turn switch. I like that it has a turn setting and not a typical toggle where it’s easy to accidentally switch off while in use.
  • I love that you can get this very close to your scalp without getting too hot so you can get that awesome boost and volume at your roots.
  • Ion generator feature. Not sure how this works but it does! It truly makes me have way less fly aways and it makes my hair smooth and shiny just from blow drying and without adding product. An absolute first for me and my hair.
  • Three heat and speed function. A girl wants options.
  • Cool tip. The tip of the dryer stays nice and cool so that you can use your other hand to hold it and twist while drying. It’s pretty fabulous!

Things I wish were different:

  • It’s a little on the heavy side and my hand does get tired of holding it up but it’s not terrible and has been improving. Lots of twisting and pulling movement.
  • I am not a huge fan of the bright pink accent colors but when I am not using it, it’s stored under my sink anyway.
  • Price. It’s a little on the high side for a blow dryer. I have purchased $25-$35 dryers that have worked great. But this isn’t your average dryer. It’s still not a deal breaker and definitely worth the money. BUY IT.
  • It might be a little too big for short hair. Because the brush is oval and about four inches wide, it could be cumbersome and pointless for shorter hair to get that volume and curl.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this totally unbiased review of the Revlon One-Step Blow Dryer & Volumizer. Click on the link or the photo below to buy on good ol’ Amazon.


Revlon One-Step Blow Dryer & Volumizer

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