Exfoliation, Part 1

Laaaaaadies (and gentlemen) are you exfoliating regularly? You  better be! One of my more recent favorite finds is the Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System.   It is the best ‘beginner’ product if you aren’t using anything and even if you are using an exfoliator, this is great addition.  Cheap, effective and it feels good! It makes my face smooth, clean and renewed. I use it every day. Watch the video to learn more about this fantastic product and another one of my favorite daily scrubs.  I definitely look tired in the video but I suppose I’m keeping it real. Sometimes I have to wait for the babes to be asleep to get a free quiet minute like tonight.  Da Fuss isn’t napping anymore which means I.don’t.slow.down.at.all. Fun fun! Click the link on the sidebar to get on Amazon! —->>>

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