~Great Find Friday~ Exfoliating Shower Gloves

Are you tired of me preaching about exfoliation yet? Ha! I had to share these awesome shower gloves since they are a necessity coming into summer!  I saw some at Target and they ran about four dollars a pair, but you and I both know that I’m an Amazon addict and surprise surprise,…Amazon had a four pack pack of highly rated ones for $6.99! FOUR pairs!  YOU GUYS! They work so well! And many of the reviewers were men too! (apparently men exfoliate too?) I usually use them the last couple minutes of my shower after I’ve soaked for a bit. You can use the gloves with or without body scrub or body wash. I usually don’t use anything other than water with them.  They are just rough enough to bring new skin to the surface but not so rough where you feel raw afterwards! Use them on your legs, arms, back, feet, anywhere really! Remember to moisturize afterwards though. They remove all the dead skin cells all over your body while encouraging new growth. I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a substantial difference in the softness of my skin on my entire body since using them. They would make a great little gift for anyone too!  Not only does it feel good to use them but they actually work in making skin look and feel younger. Win!  Click here to buy them on Amazon!


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