Neutral Sunday Best

I love, love, love nude and cream together.  It’s one of my favorite color combos. Throw in a gold watch or bracelet somewhere in there and I’m happy! It’s as classic as navy/cream black and white, gray and pink, etc.

I got this beautiful cream and pleated midi skirt from Downeast Basics a little while ago and I’ve fallen in love with it because it was cheap, is modest and is super duper comfortable. Click Here to see the skirt.  At $29.99, I couldn’t resist the soft and flowy-ness of this beauty.  It makes me feel fancy without having to be uncomfortable.

I’m wearing my favorite nude pumps that I found on clearance at Marshalls for $25.00 and get this, they are real leather!  For under $100? Crazy town. The fashion gods smiled on me that day; I can run a marathon in these babies too.  Can I say that even though I’ve never ran a marathon? Eh, who cares? Anyway back to shoes,…they stay put, don’t squish your toes (too much) and are the perfect height.  I found them for you online. Click Here.  However, they were hard to find in varied sizes.  These particular ones are Nine West and run about $40-$60 online (very reasonable) but I did see a couple good eBay listings for less. This style of pump is so incredibly comfortable and stylish to boot. They have a chunky, broad strap that wraps around the ankle that keeps them fitted nicely to your foot. I linked a few other similar ones that are equally as stylish and beautiful for you below. These are a staple that you need to have in your shoe collection.

As for the blouse, I believe I got it at Nordstrom Rack but it was so long ago, I don’t remember when it was or what I paid but knowing myself, I know it wasn’t more than $50.  I love the little button details on it and that it feels expensive but you and I both know it’s not. These kind of midi skirts look best with a tucked in top.

The earrings are an old purchase from Forever 21 for dirt cheap because I am a sucker for anything with bows on them.  Click here to see earrings from Kohl’s.  They are just so feminine and cute! Thanks to my Tater Tot for being my photographer.




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