~Great Find Friday~ One Line A Day, A Five Year Memory Book

With a million and one ways to journal these days, here’s another to add to the list.  However, this little cutie has won my heart because of the small amount of time and effort it requires.  It’s a simple and beautiful five year journal and all you have to do is write down just a couple sentences each day because there literally isn’t any more space to write more than that.   It is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue color with gold edges on each page and a coral ribbon book mark. I keep it on my nightstand so I don’t forget to jot down a few things and even if I do forget to write in it for a couple days, it’s very easy to remember a couple lines of what happened in the past few days and get caught up. When I first started writing in it, I didn’t think I would forget random little things but I’ve proven myself wrong. I have already had a good time reading back the past month or so of little happenings. What a fun and simple way to read the super shortened version of your life! One of my dearest friends gave this to me and I’m thinking about getting one for my 10 year old just to encourage him to keep a little record of his life because I know he’d enjoy looking back too. I remember feeling overwhelmed as a kid when I wanted to write in a journal because I had SO much to say and it took forever to write it all down, but this little thing is the perfect size and only requires literally 2 minutes a day. My friend got this at Paper Source but I found it on good old reliable Amazon for even a little cheaper. Keep this one if your back pocket as it would be a perfect gift/stocking stuffer. Click here to get it on Amazon for $13.83. They also have an adorable lavender one that targets moms called “Mom’s One Line a Day” which would be an awesome new mom gift or for any mom really! Click here to see that one for $10.24.  There are several versions of this kind of journaling, so check a few of my picks out to see which one would suit your needs!

Living Well One Line A Day- $16.95 A cute yellow five year journal
Every Day: A Five Year Memory Book– $11.75 A colorful cover with lots of cute items all over it.
Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book– $10.24 A pretty light purple cover with gold page edges and gold lettering.
Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-year Journal-$12.92 A line a day but with a Mom question prompt.


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