Forget to charge your phone? Here’s your solution!

Sooooo, I’m an absent minded person. My Mom tells me it’s genetic and that I get it from my Dad. Ha! I constantly forget to charge my phone only to figure it out as I’m walking out the door.  Getting through a day of errands on 19% just ain’t happening!  How can I look at all the pretty things at  Target if Da Fuss can’t watch Paw Patrol on my phone for 25 min?

Low battery was a consistent source of stress for me UNTIL my brother gave me a mobile cell phone charger, he loves me.  IT. WAS. LIFE. CHANGING.   When my phone began to tease me with low battery signals, I would just put my phone in my purse and charge it while I walked through every aisle at Target. Winning!  It was a sad day when that charger died. Lord Business bought me a new big one that holds eight full charges. Yes, eight!  That means I only have to remember to charge my phone like once a week (ish)! It’s a little on the heavy side but not enough to bother my shoulder when I carry it in my purse.  Long story short, it really has simplified my life. It takes a mere six hours to load this baby up and you’re good to go! It has a handy flashlight if you’re into that sort of thing.   This particular charger has four USB ports so you can charge four devices at once. Yes, please!  We took it on our family vacation and it was extremely useful in places where you can’t comfortably charge your devices (think airport, restaurants, hotel lobbies…the line to Space Mountain). The power goes out somewhat regularly here in the PNW and the last thing you want is sit in the dark with bored kids and no technology. I know these have been around for a long time but with the major difference it made in my every day life,  I wanted to share with you. It has become one of my most utilized and favorite items.  And in my opinion, this particular one is the one to buy. With a price tag of $40.00, you can easily rationalize it as an emergency preparedness purchase as well. Boom. You’re welcome. Happy charging friends!

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