Gimme Brow! You don’t think you need it, but you do!

Hey Guys, I took two minutes this morning to show you one of my make up faves! Hope you enjoy and ladies…..this stuff works! It’s a nice subtle make up routine change that will make your brows pop (in a good way, not a “dannng, girl has wonky brows” way). See link on side bar to buy!


7 thoughts on “Gimme Brow! You don’t think you need it, but you do!

  1. Rebenky says:

    Yesss! Thanks for sharing this MOST important product! I have resisted using an eyebrow pencil because the lines are always visible….but this stuff ROCKS! I even bought it for all my girlfriends for Christmas….they love it too!!!

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    • pearlsofsuburbia says:

      No RaeAnn I don’t. This gel really does a nice job filling in the gaps on the hair of your eyebrows, it unnecessary! Let me know if it works for you as well as I hope! Obviously you’d get the lighter one.


  2. Heather Acosta says:

    Ha! So I swung by Ulta today and snagged some Gimme Brow and am wearing it this minute. I was using my Everyday Minerals eyeliner/brow stuff before but I hated that I could see the brown under my brow hairs. This! This I love.


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