~Great Find Friday~ It’s hot, then it’s cold…and it’s awesome.

Startin’ this new thing called Great Find Friday where I share a NEW and great find that I’ve come across and deem it to be awesome enough to share with you all. Hope you like this one!

I feel like I’m kind of late on the bandwagon here with this amazing product but I’ll share it nonetheless. I picked up this cute little water bottle from TJ Maxx for $9.99 and I was drawn to it because of the pretty color. I’m like a crow that likes pretty and shiny things.  My brother was telling me how awesome his double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle was so when I saw this cutie for under 10 bucks, I snagged it. You guys! It’s seriously amazing!! Because it has double walls and is vacuum insulated, it is able to stay super hot or super ice cold for 12 hours! You know I like my tea so when I put my hot tea in yesterday morning at 7am,  it was still piping hot at 2pm when I finished it off. Why not use a plain old hot drink tumbler?  Well, because with this one I can just screw the top on and throw it into my purse without worrying about if it’s upright or if it’s spilling all over the place. I like that it doesn’t require straws or valves of any kind. Less to lose!

Last night I had a baseball game for the Guyguy and it gets a little cold out so I had my tea all ready in the water bottle a few hours before and when I whipped it out at the game, it was nice and hot and I was grateful!   I’ve noticed that I’m drinking more water because I can always expect it to be refreshingly icy cold or nice and steamy hours after I’ve prepared it.  A water bottle like this goes for more than double on Amazon and even Target so I would try and hit up TJ Maxx or Marshalls first.  I went back to get another one and found a larger size so I got that one too.   Definitely one of my favorite recent finds!

**Warning: Do not make the same mistake I did and put scalding hot water in there for tea, because it will STAY scalding hot for a very, very long time! I have had good luck just using the hottest tap water setting and it makes tea perfectly in there and keeps it hot but not undrinkable.


I just throw two teabags in there for a few minutes, pull them out and it’s ready to go!


The lavender one is 17 ounces and the pink one is 25 ounces. Perfect sizes!

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