~Great Find Friday~ Probiotics for your whole family!

We’ve all heard and taken antibiotics before but have you taken probiotics especially during or after a round of antibiotics? Boring boring I know, but let me just tell you that they really do make a difference for a variety of reasons.  Web MD defines probiotics as live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. Probiotics are frequently called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help maintain the health of your gut.

A few years ago I looked into them because I read there was a correlation between probiotics and eczema from food allergies.  I never even thought about it until our little guy developed his food allergies.  I thought I’d give it a shot and lo and behold it really helped him. He’s been on them ever since. After learning more and more about the health benefits, I decided I would try to see if they would make the rest of our family feel any different or better.  One major point that interested me was learning that nearly 70-80% of your immune system was in your gut.  That was enough for me to test it!

Whenever anyone complains of a stomach-ache or if someone gets a virus, we double down on the probiotics.  We also do double doses when we have to be on antibiotics which isn’t often, thanks heavens. I can honestly say that the times we have been on antibiotics, we have never had any digestive problems commonly caused by them.  After trying different kinds of probiotics with little to no effects, I turned to Amazon and tried their top seller and WOW, you really can feel the difference between an effective one and an okay one.

The winner brand that we use are made by Hyperbiotics and they claim to be 15 times more effective than capsules. (I’d have to agree!) They are time released pearls that are activated right where you need them to be in your body. You can take them with or without food and none of us have ever had any negative side effects. I also appreciate you do not have to refrigerate them. One of my kids used to get randomly constipated which I think is normal on occasion, but after taking these every day, never again has it happened. It’s beautiful! Doesn’t everyone just want to be regular? Ha! I know there are plenty of food sources where you can get probiotics but I typically don’t eat the foods I know to be high in them. I’m not a big yogurt eater etc. Find the Hyperbiotics here on Amazon.

We each take a variety specific to us. One kind for the two bigger kids, one for adults, one for the toddler who won’t swallow a pearl,  and one for women. I LOVE the one formulated for women. It makes my body feel more energy and just more normal in a sense.  The Pro-Women one has cranberry extract, 6 targeted strains for a woman’s body, and naturally occurring D-Mannose. I talk a little about that in the little video.

Of course I love this particular brand of probiotics but I am sure there are many different kinds to take that are amazing as well. I just want to throw it out there if you’re not taking any at all!

There is an immense amount of useful and fascinating information about probiotics. Here are a few.

Harvard Health “Health Benefits of Taking Probiotics”

Food Matters “6 Healing Benefits of Probiotics”

Healthline “Surprising Benefits of Probiotics”

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