Want To “WOW” Somebody Special? Gift This Special Ice Cream!

Many of you probably saw my Facebook post about the incredibly unique and fun gift I got from Lord Business for Mother’s Day. We were putting down bark outside in our front yard on Saturday, working our tails off in the hot sun and the Fedex guy pulls up and hands me this big white box with the word “Perishable” on it. For a moment I thought it was some live crickets I bought for our bearded dragon (another story).  Upon opening the box, I see a big white styrofoam box inside and I’m completely puzzled at this point. So Lord Business comes over and watches me and he’s acting all confused with me. Inside of that box is a smaller box with a hand written card, “Mamma, We hope you enjoy our creative flavors in your most comfortable PJs. Love, Your Boys.” There was dry ice in there with four pints of ice cream. That’s about the time I start to melt and when I pick up the pints one at a time, reading off the labels, memories start filling my brain and I start to cry. I don’t cry easily so I think the husband was thinking, “Yussssssssss” at this point.  It really gave him a nice organic reaction from me, which I’m sure was the point.  I’ve never received ice cream as a gift so it was a unique experience.  It’s basically tying two amazing things together, sweet memories and sweet ice cream. If that doesn’t get you sentimental, I don’t know what does!  This HAD to be on the blog because I could just imagine how many people could be surprised and touched like I had been. Think Father’s Day, birthdays for basically anyone special to you, anniversaries, get well, good luck, new baby, anything really! It’s just special! And unique! And I will say the ice cream and gelato I got are really, really good.  The flavors I got were, Strawberry, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Sundae with Caramel Swirls & Brownie Bites, and Biscotti Gelato.

The company that sells it is called eCreamery and they are based out of Nebraska but fear not, Lord Business said he ordered this on Tuesday and it came delivered on Saturday. So apparently it’s a great short notice gift too. Standard shipping comes free but you can opt for faster shipping for a fee. It’s pretty rad to receive a frozen gift in the mail. The ice cream was as hard and frozen as it would be coming from a freezer. It’s kind of a neat site because you can tell them which day you want to receive it and they will accommodate. Pricing isn’t what I could consider cheap but you know the drill, if you really want the ‘wow’ factor, you may be willing to spend a premium for a unique gift.  The website sells four pints for about $85. Consider it a specialty and custom item for that special occasion.

So, in conclusion, ice cream apparently  makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  I hope you can keep this in your back pocket for a fun occasion at some point. If anything, it could be a fun idea to do it yourself with your own store bought pints and making your own labels. I think the value here is being to mail it to an unsuspecting recipient.



Selling you on the rarity of the ice cream! 


Three of the four pints I received. 

One thought on “Want To “WOW” Somebody Special? Gift This Special Ice Cream!

  1. shalayne says:

    Such a fun and amazing gift! My parents sent us ice cream from a famous ice cream shop in St. Louis for our anniversary last year and it was amazing! I love that you can create the names of the flavors! That makes it so fun and personal! Good job Lord Business 🙂


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