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~Great Find Friday~ Stomp Rocket–A Great Kids Gift Idea. 

I feel like as my kids get older, they are harder to buy for. I mean, at some point you have a to be a little more creative because you can only buy so many Legos. I was browsing on Amazon and I saw this very highly rated and cheap stomp rocket. So today we opened it up and we all had fun playing with it! It’s clearly made of cheap plastic but it’s easy to put together and start having fun! Even our little guy who is three could stomp on it and have it go really high. My boys loved watching it and counting down to launch it.  It comes with four rockets (one of ours is already on the roof) so be careful where you aim it. It sells for $16 on Amazon and is a great option for a gift for any occasion! Keep this on your list this summer for something a little different that’s easy to use for kids of any age! Sorry for my annoying squeal and poor quality video.

1 thought on “~Great Find Friday~ Stomp Rocket–A Great Kids Gift Idea. ”

  1. We almost got him this!!! Because of amazon, of course! Haha! I’m glad we chose something else 🙂

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