Chatbooks – Everything you need to know!

If you already do the whole Chatbooks thing, ignore this post.  I just felt that this service and product is so amazing that I had to make sure everyone knew about it! I started with this service about three years ago and I haven’t looked back! They are cherished little 6×6 inch books that I keep in my living room and because they are so cheap, I don’t fret when I find them in the boy’s bedroom or in the bathroom! (Their reading material choice sometimes). A few of mine are beat up but again, cheap! So I suppose I will let my littles enjoy them too. Ha! We all love just picking one up and reading through.

Chatbooks really simplifies photo books by automatically taking care of it for you. And it’s just my style because I’m lazy when it comes to journaling, photobooks and scrapbooks etc.  I don’t want to take the time to scrapbook but I love the idea.

The way it works is you download the Chatbooks app on you phone. I have linked my Instagram to it so it’s even more effortless. Each time you post an Instagram photo, it will automatically add it to your current Chatbook. Once you have 60 pages worth of photos, Chatbooks will automatically bill you eight dollars and ship it to you with no shipping costs.  They will alert you once your book is complete and remind you to edit your book before they print it. You can choose your cover photo and edit any captions.  There have been times I decided to delete some photos from the book or add in different photos from my iPhone photos. You can pay an additional five dollars for hard cover books too! Note: You do not have to use Instagram to make the books. You can totally plug in photos from your phone manually too!

And because they thought of everything, if you sign up and see that you have 15 books worth of photos that you want printed, they offer to just send you one a month until you’ve caught up since you most likely aren’t making them at the rate of one a month. You can also just pay for all 15 books at the beginning to get caught up. Either way, it’s awesome! My parents and family like to pick them up and just thumb through them when they are visiting. They would be a great gift for grandparents!

So, if you want a super simple and cheap way to keep those adorable pics you’re posting, this is it! Couldn’t be easier! Chatbooks has been an awesome company to work with and they have fabulous customer service. Read more on their website HERE.  I do not have any affiliation with Chatbooks and have not been paid for this review. Just purely sharing a fabulous service!


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