HELLO! And goodbye dry summer feet!

I’m baaaaaaaack. I feel terrible it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but it feels great to have some time to dedicate to it again.  It’s a nice non-“mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” outlet for me.  I looked at the date of my last blog post and noticed it was right around the time that we were making the life changing decision to uproot our family (and everything else that goes along with that).  So.Much.Stress. Never did I think we’d be living in Arizona, but here we are and we’re loving it!  I finally feel like I’ve got things pretty close to ‘normal.’ Cue angels singing Hallelujah!

We love Arizona, though at times it feels like I’m an alien on a foreign planet.  It’s polar opposite from Seattle in so many ways.  Even with the extreme desert heat, we still enjoy the sunshine and feel grateful for it every day. One thing is constant though – I miss all my Washington connections a lot. Years of relationships and friendships are very difficult to leave. Good thing we’ll be back each summer to see all our lovely PNW peeps. Arizona has treated us well already with lots of new budding friendships and we were blessed to choose a fabulous neighborhood with so many sweet and kind hearted people. I’ve kind of been blown away with the genuine kindness of people here.  New adventures are so scary but so fun! Okay, back to bloggity blogging.

Arizona’s desert weather brought out a problem I’ve never had before. To be honest, I’ve never suffered with dry or cracked feet in my life, but the lack of humidity and daily sandal wearing did a number on my feet. Gross, gross, I know. But truth is truth.  I found this gem product called “O’Keefe’s For Healthy Feet Foot Cream” on Amazon (duh).  O’Keefe’s had quite a lot of hype in the reviews but I was a little skeptical that it would be different than any other moisturizing cream available. Wrong.  I applied it to both of my feet each night and by the 6th day, they were almost completely healed, moisturized and super soft.  They feel and look amazing! I mean, compared to the peeling-dry-scratch-your-bedsheets feet I had before.  I’ll spare you the before/after pics but trust me there was a dramatic difference. I’m sold on this stuff and will never stop using it! The instructions say to use at night, so that’s what I did.  One thing I didn’t like is the sticky residue left on my hands after applying. You’ll definitely want to wash your hands after putting it on. It doesn’t have the consistency of a typical body butter; it’s more silky, but also kind of watery.   I read in several reviews that it took some people a couple weeks to start working, so I suppose it depends on how dry your feet are. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Here’s to soft and smooth summer feet! It sells for around $9 on Amazon (Click here to see on Amazon. ) and you can buy this at a lot of other places too.  By the way, their hand cream is also fabulous!



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