Terracotta Brown Sugar Savers

Yesterday,  I found myself in a real Mom predicament at Costco.  I needed brown sugar but they only had 25 pound bags of it.  I had to buy that bag or else I’d have to stop at the grocery store with three kids just for one item.  You feel my pain right?  I love to bake and make cookies but 25 pounds?  I knew I had enough storage containers at home for all of it but I knew that keeping all of it soft was going to be tricky especially out here in the desert.  I had heard that using bread or an apple slice kept it fresh but it kind of grossed me out leaving it in there for who knows how long.  When I got home, I did a little digging online and someone said terracotta would keep brown sugar soft and ready to use.  Huh? So of course I searched on Amazon and found these adorable and reusable terracotta disks. They are very simple to use since you just soak them for 15 minutes in water, dry them and then toss them in your brown sugar container.  It will keep your brown sugar soft for three months and then you just repeat the process again! Pretty amazing! Ignore me if you knew about these already!

The best part about these little cuties is that you can use them with anything you want to keep soft and fresh like marshmallows, dried fruit, cookies and cakes. You can even make already hard brown sugar soft again buy using them.  They are cheap, useful AND cute which makes them a winner in my book!  The perfect gift for your baker pals!  These ones came individually packed in a set of six for about $20.00  Click here to buy on Amazon.


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