Gemstone Soaps

I must give credit where credit is due. My awesome gift giver husband gave me these for Mother’s Day and I just adore them!  I think they are so uniquely beautiful and useful.  Funny back story here; our middle child was/is really into rocks and collecting them.  I looked on my phone one morning and saw that there was an Amazon order for $50 worth of amethysts and other rocks.  I immediately reversed the charge and called my husband all upset that this kid ordered rocks without asking! How could he just spend $50 and not even think twice?  It was then that my husband told me that he had ordered them for me and they weren’t actually rocks but soap gemstones! Ha! I kind of ruined my own surprise but I still love them the same.  I immediately reordered them for myself and am so glad I did.

They smell so good and they actually work well. My hands feel clean after I use it and each gemstone lasts a long time!  I’ve been using the same one since May! I don’t know how they do it, but they look like real gemstones with pearly hues and veining.  I love looking at them when I wash my hands.  I told you I’m like a bird that loves shiny and pretty things.  

You can buy all different gemstones like jade, jaspar, moonstone, malachite, rose quartz, opal, aqua marine, amethyst, geode and amber. I plan on adding more to my collection. I think I’ll get the jade one next, it’s so pretty!  The prices range from $11-$20 per soap but they are large (see pic below).  Go to and search for “Gemstone Soap” and it will come up with many different options. Keep this idea in your back pocket for when you’re looking for something unique to give a friend or a fun way to treat yo’self.  Hope you love this fun gift idea as much as I do! 



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